TORTOR collective

Environment 3D model pack for games with Unity and UE4 projects
Old looking plane models in 3D and 2D
a pack of Sci-fi flying motorbike.
3D and 2D sprites modular dungeons assets. Magicavoxel source files included!
a set 3D models of tanks, soldiers, and terrain for your Advance Wars-like game.
This is a modular pack with 2 color shemes.
Skinned, animable, modulable, and customizable characters
Based on the work of the Japanese artist Esteo
A collection of Ancient Envrionment props in a voxel style
3D models for sci-fi games
An collection of voxel spaceships models (.vox and .obj)
low-poly 3D Character models, in voxel art
Game-Ready Voxel Robot, Textured and Rigged (Mixamo compatible)
Everyday find a new FREE assets