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This deadly character pack is full of robots designed to survive, find and execute the target.

Licencing : For commercial projects Contact Esteo : gifsungiven7@gmail.com
If you like this pack and you use it in your game be free to credit "Pierre Fontaine from TORTOR".

MORE TO COME 火火火 ...

火 - About Me - 火

I'm a French 3D/2D artist from Reunion island.

My Twitter I'm also part of TORTOR collective. You'll see my work and other awesome creations of my friends out there !

Come visit our page to see all the good stuff we have :

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kurenai_asset.zip 244 kB
Shogun_asset.zip 247 kB
samidal_asset.zip 286 kB
Drizzle_asset.zip 278 kB
Kasa_asset.zip 349 kB
Gekkou_asset.zip 312 kB

Development log


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what're the licenses on these bad bois?

Hi, great work on these models! 

Are these models fully complete? Because right now some of the model's poses (like Samidale) don't look like the ones in the gif. And the colors for the materials seem pretty off too. 

Do these need to be modified further or is there a finished version of this package?



You stole all of these designs from the artist Esuthio https://www.artstation.com/artwork/gJXEJx

Are they rigged?

not rigged but new characters are coming for this pack with original design (not sure yet for the rig it take time maybe i will make them mixamo proof)


Hey there, just want to let you know that your mailing adres is invalid, do you mind sending me a valid one?


i don't have an other mail for Esteo sorry you can try by https://www.artstation.com/esuthio






These would just perfect if they came with animations :(

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Animations take time that i don't have unfortunately but for the update on the pack with original characters i will try to make the mixamo ready or I will grab some animations from mixamo and make some retargeting or maybe one of the animators of the collective will have some time to do some animation for the extra contents.


Hey, thank you for sharing your art with us. What font did you use for the header names? Thank you

the font is fuji quake !

To use in commercial use, what would be the value?

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Currently there is no way to use this pack for commercial project if you don't talk with Esteo but i will produce originals charaters for commercial use but i need time to work on it is will be part of extra contents for donators

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Awesome, it's a shame that I don't know how to use 3d models, you should definitely sell them and people will still using them ,they are so well done.

Nice job.

And thanks for giving them for free.

(1 edit)

I totally appreciate that and i know people will use them anyway but for the original characters from Esteo i can't move due to the copyrights aspect of it!

The good news : I plan to make some original Samurais in the pack for commercial use but i need time to work on it !

I m actually working in the cinema industry as a technical director on a French feature film so i don't have a lot of free time right now...


My favorite one is definitely Gekkou!

Same for me !


I Love it !

Thanks Rim i totally loved doing it !

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Excellent, I'll definitly put it aside for a future project!
Reminds me a lot of "battle realms" character's by the mix of chinese and japanese design. What were your inspirations?
Anyway, thank you for sharing this amazing work!

(2 edits)

the big inspiration is from the Japanese artist Esteo.

I just simplify the design to make it readable ad a game asset.

To use this pack in a commercial game i'm waiting the permission of Esteo to make sure he will get all the credit from that, is more than an homage for me .....

I want people to discover his universe !

for the "battle realms" part of it i'm preparing an other props pack to be used with the samurais .... stay tune!


This is gold.

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Pierre has to finich one more and the V1 of the pack will be done Thanks to him and we are glad you like his pack !

Don't forget you can actually talk with him in person on our Discord ...

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i do all of the assets in my spare time so i have to fine the good moment to keep produce them !