A downloadable asset pack

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Licensing : 
you can use it in commercial and non-commercial projects. 
Credits to Darumastik (PERROT Vincent) 



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provided files : 

  • .vox (Magicavoxel file)
  • .png (Magicavoxel palette)
  • .obj + .mtl
  • .gif
  • content : 


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    snake wizard.zip 2 MB
    Crocsoldier.zip 14 kB
    Snakegod.zip 110 kB
    Snakekingpackage.zip 122 kB
    Lizardbombpackage.zip 40 kB
    lizardmonitorpackage.zip 37 kB


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    Great job with these. Thanks for sharing. Is there a download for the Snake King

    Thanks you very much, i check it right now and i'll fix it if they're some missing part!

    Thanks. Ya, the snake king is just the animated gif and not the zip file. 

    should be complete now, if you hae some trouble don't be afraid to write it and thank you again for your download :)